Window turned blank white halfway through very intensive program. Can RStudio's Renderer be "refreshed"?

I'm running a very CPU and RAM intensive package on a relatively clean Ubuntu base with nothing else running.

The package is expected to take about ~2 days to run.

However, today I realised that the screen turned blank white. The general system is still very snappy, and system resources still being monitored and refreshed. RAM usage remains high, around 90%, hence I suspect the package is still running.

The menu along the top of the window can still be interacted with, but nothing seems to do anything, and I don't want to poke around too much that may cause further damage.

Is there any way to "refresh" Rstudio's renderer without also terminating/restarting the running process? Or will UI elements come back automatically when the process is complete? Or is it already a goner?