Windows RStudio v1.3.776-2 Copy & Paste Keyboard Shortcuts

Hi, on Windows, RStudio v1.3.776-2, the copy & paste (CTRL C & V) keyboard shortcuts do not work on popped out windows. Copy and paste does work by right-clicking the mouse. The trouble is only on popped out windows. I tested on two Windows 10 computers, and it occurs on both of them.

After updating to v1.3.776-2, the first time I open any project, all source panes are closed. If the project had any untitled sources, I think they went missing in the update too, I don't see them anywhere.

This should be fixed in the latest daily builds -- let me know if you're still seeing an issue.

Sorry for the trouble. It's possible this could occur if you had an old RStudio instance open (or RStudio believed an old instance was open), and so chose to start a new session without restoring your old source panes.

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