Word Template in Quarto

Dear all,

I'm starting to play around with Quarto but I cannot seam to figure out one thing.

I'm trying to create a Word Template and on Quarto website it says:

Silly question, where should I type this code? I have no experience with Pandoc but from a quick google search it seems that it's a Pandoc code? Should I type it in cmd line? I tried and nothing happens.

Maybe someone could help me with this?

I guess it turned out to be a feedback on Quarto website documentation, since a person without any experience of any another programming language than R finds this difficult to figure out.

Thank you!

Hello @Paulius ,

you can check this forum for the tag quarto.
When I did so I found among others this and that. Maybe it gives you some ideas.

EDIT: also see the link in https://community.rstudio.com/t/knitting-to-word/143598

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You need to type that in a Terminal windows. Either your OS usual terminal or just the RStudio IDE terminal window is the simplest.

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