Wordcloud2 positions most commong words on the edge not in the center

Hi, I would like to use the wordcloud2 function in R on my dataset.
The demo works nice:
demo image from the library docs

But my dataset centers the small text in the middle.
Any ideas/suggestions (includning other R libraries) welcomed:)

my dataset

The head of the freq sorted dataset looks like this:
word freq

1 POU1F1 0.00118
2 SOX15 0.00109
3 SRY 0.000967
4 Sox6 0.000888
5 POU2F1 0.000812
6 POU3F1 0.000734
7 ONECUT3 0.000708
8 SOX13 0.000660
9 Sox3 0.000645
10 TEF 0.000640

Thank you very much
Vladimir Vinarsky
The curious Mechanobiologist

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