Workbench can not connect to other users sessio for collaboration.


we are having problems with collaboration in our RStudio Workbench. When two users try to work on the same file in a project, they get the following warning message:
'Another user is currently editing the file test1.R, but RStudio could not connect to their session. Use caution when saving.'
This problem can be consistently reproduced. We are running RStudio version 1.4.1717-3.

I would be glad for any hint on where to start fixing this problems.

Welcome @wolfstettler! Thanks for posting. When you say, "When two users try to work on the same file in a project" is each user opening the file at the same time, or are you utilizing the project sharing feature in RStudio Workbench? Also, are you utilizing a shared storage such as NFS? Details on what shared storage you are using and what linux distribution RStudio Workbench is installed on might offer some clues.

Thank you for your reply @tnederlof. I created a project and shared it in the Workbench with File->Share Project... with a coworker who then tried to make changes to the project (just one R script). He opened the file, while it was still open in my browser.
RStudio Workbench is installed on Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS, within a Docker container. Storage is on the normal Linux file system.

Thank you for that info. There have been several new releases of RStudio Workbench which will impact the project sharing functionality. There is documentation here which will guide you through this process: Once you have upgraded if you still have an issue sharing let me know and I can help dig in further.

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