Workbench can not connect to other users session for collaboration.

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I finally found the time to upgrade the testing instance to the newest version (2022.07.1+554.pro3) and we still have the problem, that two users collaborating on the same file get the warning Another user is currently editing the file collaborationtest1.R, but RStudio could not connect to their session. Use caution when saving.

RStudio Workbench is installed on Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS, within a Docker container. Storage is on the normal Linux file system.

Any help or hint for how to solve this problem would be appreciated.

The most likely reason is that there is a configuration problem with one of your proxies that is preventing the WebSocket from working (real-time collaborative editing happens over a WebSocket connection). Check the Developer Tools console for errors, and try running a Shiny app, which also uses WebSockets -- if Shiny doesn't work, collaborative editing won't either.

If none of that helps, please get in touch with our support team! As a Workbench customer you're entitled to professional email support.

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