Working with large dataset

Good morning,
I'm working with a large data set. Is a table with cluster analysis data from an HTS sequencing. I have a problem with constant crushing of R studio, especially when I try to make plots and merging 2 data frame. Sometimes I have the crushing error (session aborted) also when I try to load the data in the console and I am basically unable to proceed with my analyzes.

There is a way to work with such data set using tidyverse and vegan package without having crush in R studio?

I'm using the latest version of R v.4.0.2 and R studio v.1.3.1093 in Ubuntu v.18.04.5

Thanks for the help.

Whats the size of your data ?
How much free memory do you have ?
R is typically memory bound though you there are packages that can let you page memory to disk. Would have to Google around to find them, I dojt remember the names right now.

The data size is 2.5 Gb and I have 3 Gb of free memory on my computer.

You might really struggle to be effective without more headroom in the memory department :frowning:

You can look here :
in the Large memory and out-of-memory data section, maybe something like ff package would help you.
Also data.table might be a perferred way to manipulate the large data object as it supports modification in place ( typically objects are copied on mutation and tie up more memory).

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Ok @nirgrahamuk,
I will spend my time getting deeper into this topic.
Thank You so much for your help.

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