Working with Time Series Data

Dear R community,

i´m very thankful for the help I already got. I have some more problems with my analysis of energy-data from germany.

I try to investigate the so called "Regelzonensaldo". I succesful transformed with the help of the community and the lubridate package the data in a xts format.

Modified_Gesamt_Regelzonensaldonew <- Gesamt_Regelzonensaldonew %>%
mutate(dttm = mdy_hm(paste(Date, Time)),
Date = mdy(Date),
Time = hm(Time))

Modified_Gesamt_Regelzonensaldonew$Date <- NULL
Modified_Gesamt_Regelzonensaldonew$Time <- NULL



I want to illustrate for example the deviation of the times series. The problem starts with the creating of absolute values.


The result ist: not-numerical argument for mathematical function.

Modified5_XTS_abs_Monthly_sum_Gesamt_Regelzonensaldonew <- apply.monthly(Modified4_XTS_abs_Gesamt_Regelzonensaldonew, sum)
Modified5_XTS_abs_Monthly__mean_Gesamt_Regelzonensaldonew <- apply.monthly(Modified4_XTS_abs_Gesamt_Regelzonensaldonew, mean)


Another problem is that i can´t do functions like


on my time series data. Maybe it is because i deleted the column names?

I hope the questions aren´t to trivial and not already answered but I tried for hours my best to solve it and can´t figure it out. I hope somebody can help me.

Friendly regards from Germany



To help us help you, could you please prepare a reproducible example (reprex) illustrating your issue? Please have a look at this guide, to see how to create one:

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