Write custom codes to talk to APIs to process payments inside a Shiny application

I have an application written in R. I need to integrate it into the following payment method inside the application. https://github.com/ZarinPal-Lab/

I don’t know how to change the above codes and make a plugin so that I can integrate my Shiny application with this payment method.

I previously integrate my app with PayPal using the following codes:

 actionButton("goButton", label= ui <- fluidPage(tags$script(src = "https://www.paypalobjects.com/api/checkout.js"),  tags$script("paypal.Button.render({
 // Configure environment
env: 'sandbox',
client: {
 sandbox: 'demo_sandbox_client_id',
production: 'demo_production_client_id'
 // Customize button (optional)
 locale: 'en_US',
 style: {
 size: 'small',
 color: 'gold',
shape: 'pill',
 // Set up a payment
 payment: function (data, actions) {
return actions.payment.create({
 transactions: [{
amount: {
total: '0.01',
currency: 'USD'
// Execute the payment
 onAuthorize: function (data,      actions) {
return actions.payment.execute()
 .then(function () {
 // Show a confirmation message to the buyer
 window.alert('Thank you for your purchase!');
 }, '#goButton');"),

tags$div(id = "goButton"))),

Would you please help me on how to integrate my Shiny app with ZarinPal payment processing?

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