Write shapefile data into SQL database

I have a shapefile with geographical polygon data (downloaded here: geoBoundaries)

I want to write the data into an SQL database so that I can intersect it with longitude / latitude data. I already tried the following:


# Read the shapefile into R
shapename <- read_sf('.../DownloadsgeoBoundariesCGAZ_ADM2/geoBoundariesCGAZ_ADM2.shp')

# Set up connection to SQL database
con = dbConnect(odbc(),
                Driver = 'Driver',
                Server = 'Server',
                UID = 'Test'_UID,
                scheme = 'dbo',
                PWD = 'Test_PWD'
                encoding = 'latin1')

# Write data into database
dbWriteTable(con, name = 'Test.dbo.Geo_Polygons', value = shapename)

Unfortunately, this will write the field geometry into the database as a varchar(max). However, in order to intersect it with longitudes / latitudes, I think it should be of type geography with CRS WGS84.

How do I manage to write the geometry data in the correct format into the SQL database?

Only MSSQLSpatial and PostgreSQL are supported. MySql, MariaDB require the conversion of the geometry to a WKT representation.

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