Writing about R: Am I interpretting {package_name} correctly?


I recently noticed a use of curly braces {} that I didn't recognize. I think that in text (not in code) it designates that an object is a package. For example, I would write here() to refer to a function, and {here} to refer to the package it belongs to.

Do I have that right? It seems to make sense but I don't remember seeing until recently.

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[Curly parens[(http://search.r-project.org/R/library/base/html/Paren.html) are sort of squirrely, and I don't see them much in day-to-day usage. You're right about the convention to identify a {package}, and it's also a primative.

Thank you. I understood the use as a primitive in code. I was specifically referring to community conventions in text like articles, posts, and tweets.

Thanks again--question answered!

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Oh, I've also seen it as pcode placeholders f{height},{weight})

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