Writing in Greek

Greeting everybody. I am happy to be here, (I am a new one). I recently faced a problem. I am trying to write greek text (in markdown but as comments in R as well), and noticed that as I am keep on writing, the letters I use are not normally import. As I keep on writing, a space is created to the left side of them that apparently if I click on a place in the space is like clicking in a previous character. I am greek and I am typing in greek so I so did not used any latex command for greek letters or anything else.


I personally was not able to replicate your issue when typing in Greek. I found that I can normally type without any spaces being added to the words or to any side of them.

I am not sure what is causing this but two potential solutions that I can think of are to restart RStudio and perhaps change your editor font (this can be found under settings > appearance).

Hope this helps!

Thank you for your immediate response!! That actually helped me a lot. I tried all the different combinations. FYI I found out that there is a bug (at least at my Mac) when the field "Editor font" is set Monaco, PTMono-Regular or PTMono-Bold (should I report this somewhere?). The rest work great with greek as the input language. Thank you once again @arisp99. Have a great day!

Glad I could help @KavourT! I am also on mac and found that I too experience the bug when changing my font to one of the fonts you provided. You could consider reporting the bug directly to RStudio on their GitHub page.

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