Writing on html slides created with Xaringans

I have html slides I created and I would like to be able to annotate with MS-ink pen while presenting the slides, I am also open to other technological solutions. I have been googling for about an hour, I tried using the MS-edge browser which allows ink, but once you ink one slide you can not scroll to the next slide without closing ink and then you get an annoying do you want to save, to move on. Does anyone have any ideas? In the olds days when I taught in a classroom I would just project on a white board and write with markers. So I am trying to recreate that feeling, in Powerpoint this is possible but I really want to switch over to the reproducability of using
markdown slides.

I put in a feature request, on github to the xaringanExtra package I would be very excited if this gets picked up. https://github.com/gadenbuie/xaringanExtra/issues/83#issuecomment-769885806