Writing Reusable Packages in R

I'm relatively new to R, but coming along nicely over the past 18 months or so thanks to the great community and some wonderful books and tutorials.

Prior to R, I was an experienced software developer in other languages and my thoughts always immediately turn to writing reusable tools rather than one-off code. I enjoy packaging up my thoughts into objects that can be customized through well-defined interfaces (i.e., with properties, methods, and events) for new uses.

I'm looking for advice on where to learn more about this subject in R. I realize concepts from my past experiences may or may not translate to R, but that's what I'm hoping to learn more about. Ideally, I'd love to get to a point where my work can be as easy to use as, say, the outstanding gt package for tables.

Appreciate any guidance.

-- Robert

This is a great book

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