wrong order of ggplot2 figures from a for loop in an Rmarkdown chunk

I've come across a strange Rmarkdown / ggplot2 interaction:

title: "Wrong order of ggplot figures from a loop"
output: html_notebook

For i > 3 this chunk does not keep the figues in the correct order:

for (i in 1:4)
  p <- ggplot(data = mpg) + 
    geom_point(mapping = aes(x = displ, y = hwy)) +


R 3.5.0, RStudio 1.1.463, all packages updated to the latest version

Can anyone else reproduce this?

Yes, I can reproduce your issue on Rstudio 1.2.1291, R 3.5.2, but I have no idea why this is happening.

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