WVD(Window Virtual Environment) installation

Hi Community/Team

We are running R-Studio in Window virtual environment. We are facing two major issues:
1.Installation of packages is unusually slow or altogether failing.
2.Execution of even basic codes as getwd(),setwd(),install.packages(),.libPaths() is also extrmely slow

We were wondering if this issue or setup in WVD environment can be resolved if we go for the premium version of R Studio.

Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated


Can you verify if the issue does relate to Rstudio, or is more general...
For example, what is performance like with R.exe ?

The issue is primarily with RStudio in Window Virtual Environment as other applications are running fine. Excecuting basic codes as getwd or setwd are slow.
The same is the case with loading of different packages.

Everything you've described issues have to do with CRAN (package installation) or R (point 2), not really RStudio. RStudio Server Pro is just the professional version of RStudio Server, which is supported on linux machines.

Some system Information could be useful as well

#### System Information:
- RStudio Edition: (Desktop or Server)
- RStudio Version: 
- OS Version: 
- R Version: 

#### Also:
<!-- Depending on your issue, the following may be useful /-->
<!-- If a section isn't relevant or you can't collect it just delete that section below /-->
- RStudio diagnostics report: <!--see rstd.io/support-diagnostics-report /-->
- Your `sessionInfo()`:
- RStudio crash report: <!-- rstd.io/support-crash-report /-->
- RStudio application log files: <!-- rstd.io/support-ide-log-files /-->

Could you share a diagnostics report with us?

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