xfun 0.30 creates Fatal Error, Rstudio Aborts in 2022.02.2+485 upgrade, but not in RGui

Yesterday I updated to Windows 11, R version 4.2.0, and Rstudio 2022.02.2+485, and updated all packages. I immediately got the Fatal Error, Aborted window.

I removed all packages, and added them back one by one. The culprit ends up being "xfun" a dependent of "TSDist" which I require. When I delete "xfun," Rstudio works, but my code fails as it can't find "xfun". When run in RGui, the code runs fine with "xfun" installed and RGui does not crash, but then Rstudio still crashes on opening. So this seems to me that it isn't a package conflict, but rather something directly with Rstudio?

The "xfun" being installed is version 0.30.

Any ideas on what could be conflicting "xfun" in Rstudio, but not RGui? How can I solve this?

EDIT 5/1: I used devtools to "rollback" the version of xfun until it it stopped crashing Rstudio. So far it seems to working again with version 0.28.

install_version("xfun", version = "0.28", repos = "http://cran.us.r-project.org")

This is obviously a temp workaround and not a solution.

UPDATE 5/1: This DID NOT WORK as TSDist requires at least xfun 0.29.

FINAL UPDATE FOR ANYONE ELSE IN THIS STIUATION 5/4: ROLLED R back to version 4.1.2, and now everything works as expected.

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I think this is related to this issue

That is why downgrading solves your problem but you could also download the patched version of R 4.2

Thanks for this-- I seriously appreciate this info.

Just one comment for others planning to source it in plain R: it says "In plain R or when sourcing the command as local job in RStudio there is no error." That is true that there is no error, but it runs much slower than expected-- my code takes about 12 hours to run normally, but it took 40 hours sourcing it in plain R with 4.2.0.

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