xgboost: error in setting the xgb.DMatrix in R

I'm trying to set up a xgboost model and a piece of my code is:

dtrain <- xgb.DMatrix(data = new_tr,label = labels) 
dtest <- xgb.DMatrix(data = new_ts,label=labels_test)

but I have this error:

> dtrain <- xgb.DMatrix(data = new_tr,label = labels) 
Error in setinfo.xgb.DMatrix(dmat, names(p), p[[1]]) : 
  The length of labels must equal to the number of rows in the input data

the lenght of my data are:
Someone can help me to find what is the problem?

multidimensional labels ?
1:2382 on one axis
1:6 on another

seems wrong, not sure how you got there....

I think it expects labels and labels_test to be vectors.

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