YAML error from blogdown

I have a blog that uses R Markdown. After a large package update (6 months worth), when I try to rebuild the site. I get an error message:

> blogdown:::serve_site()
Error: logged 2 error(s)
Error in yaml.load(readLines(con), error.label = error.label, ...) : 
  (/tmp/Rtmpz0fjQs/file651f32dd9890.md) Parser error: did not find expected <document start> at line 16, column 1

My understanding is that since rebuilding the site looks at all the Rmd files, this message could pertain to any of them? In any event, I verified the headers for the file I have been changing lately, and it passed. (using https://codebeautify.org/yaml-validator).

I am absolutely stumped. Don't really know what to look at or what to look for. Any suggestions for a strategy would be very welcome.

This is the first part of the currently active file, past line 16.

title: Early Voting Harris County
author: Alan Jackson
date: '2020-10-18'
  - Voting
  - Covid-19
  - Houston
  - Mapping
keywords: tech
slug: early-voting-harris-county.en-us

## Let's take a look at the early voting data for Harris County

Since I already have a bunch of data for Harris County precincts 
and zip codes, why not make some use of it?

The example file you provided looks okay to me, and I don't think the error came from that file. Do you have the full source of the website anywhere? Have you tried the dev version of blogdown?


I believe the issue should be fixed now if you install the dev version. Please let me know if that's not the case. Thanks!

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That fixed it! Thanks.

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