yaml errors breaks use-vignette

Hi, I just reran an update of all my packages yesterday, and updated Rstudio, and I got the yaml error again that I've had in the past. Every time I start Rstudio I got an error appearing twice:

"Error in loadNamespace(name) : there is no package called ‘yaml’"

This error appears in the lines ABOVE the first console chevron i.e. it's not caused by anything I have done, it shows up automatically when I start Rstudio.

I'm opening this topic because this is an error I've had in the past (see https://community.rstudio.com/t/error-when-starting-rstudio-there-is-no-package-yaml/4070) and it's still happening.

And it's a bigger problem than I thought initially because it also stops usethis::use-vignette from running properly -- that function reports that it created the vignette Rmd file but it doesn't actually create anything.

I updated the yaml package successfully, but that didn't stop the error. And I updated Rstudio after that, so updating Rstudio didn't fix it. The final fix was to delete the 'yaml' folder from my package library folder and then reinstall it from scratch, but it would be more helpful if this error was fixed permanently rather than just having to delete and reinstall yaml every time I update my packages.


I have also had this error and at least for me, it was solved by uninstalling and reinstalling yaml package (not just reinstalling or updating).


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