YAML header in each rmd file for preview

I am wondering whether it is possible to create a YAML header in each R Markdown file for preview purpose only?
I tried the following method but rendering of the whole book does not finalize because an error is raised.
With a project organized:

  • bib/01.bib
  • bib/02.bib
  • bib/03.bib
  • index.Rmd
  • 01-introduction.Rmd
  • 02-analysis.Rmd
  • 03-conclusion.Rmd

YAML header sof 01*, 02*, 03* are set to the form:

bibliography: bib/0[0-3].bib

so that knitting a chapter in a IDE renders the bibliography (useful for preview).

However, rendering the book with bookdown::render_book yields an error because the chapters' YAML header are not ignored in the parsing process.

In other words, is there a way to use YAML headers in each chapter and ignore them when rendering the book?

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