york fit regression


I need to calculate the york fit regression line and plot it. in 2 ways (AE33 (as (x-axis) and PAX (as y-axis)) and vice versa. AE33 and PAX are available in the data.
Could you please let me know how I can do that?

Also, I calculated the person regression line equation for the given data. when I plotted the AE33 (as X) and PAX (as Y) then the slope was 0.4 (upper right plot). When I changed AE33 (as Y) and PAX( as X) then the slope changed to 1.62 (lower right plot). So is that okay? or is there any issue with the function?
So, I just want to know what is the york regression line equation for this?

I used stat_poly_eq function

 stat_poly_eq(formula = y ~ x, 
                     aes(label = paste(..eq.label.., ..rr.label.., ..p.value.label.., sep = "*`,`~")), 
                     parse = TRUE,
                     label.x.npc = "left",
                     vstep = 0.07, size=4, color="blue") 


Check the {bfsl} package

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Thanks for your response. It worked.

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