Hi! Welcome on this page, I'm Bruno :wave:. Here is a quick recap of my profile for those who prefer stories than virtual CVs.

I recently graduated from the Toulouse School of Economics, where I studied Statistics & Econometrics (machine learning, programming, deep learning, re-sampling and other cool statistical methods). I got interested early in this area after doing two internships during my gap year, enrolled as a data analyst for Orange and Liebherr, both located in Toulouse, the Pink City :city_sunrise:.

During my last master's program year I had the opportunity to be statistical consultant for BVA, enhancing both programming and my analytical skills : a data scientist needs to be versatile, isn't it? Designing applications and putting models in production is always fancier than stopping the project after being satisfied with predictive results and some data analysis.

After graduating with honors, I achieved my end-of-studies internship at elseco Limited, using a lot of tools to achieve awesome projects: visualizing satellites exposure on orbits, predicting aircraft incidents but also data engineering processes: migrating data from MS Access to a new data structure in a big data application like SAP Hana is always intellectually satisfying when the goal is reached :eyeglasses:.

Besides, I do some magic trick with cards :spades: (since I am 12 - my lifelong passion) and I play chess (please do not ask me my ELO score) when I am not training and improving myself !