Minhaaj Rehman is CEO and Founder of Psyda Solutions, an AI-enabled academic and industrial research agency. His expertise lies in Business Psychology and his doctoral research focuses on human personality assessment and potential. He has consulted for both local and international organizations like

Commonwealth of Learning

University of Maryland

Pennsylvania State University




Randstad and many more for the past 10 years in varied roles and nuanced capacities.

As a practitioner at the Association of Business Psychology, his research interests include Psychometrics, Personality Psychology, and its applications for education, businesses, and development. The courses he teaches at university are open for everyone on his youtube channel. He is an influencer on topics like research methods, data science and business psychology.


Available courses at Psyda can be viewed here
Do you deliver trainings over the web? Yes
Are you willing to travel to give a training? If so, where are you willing to travel to? Yes.
What size groups do you train? Upto 50 people for face to face courses.
I offer web-based training and am also willing to travel to your office for on-site instruction.


Contact atleast a week before start of your project to check availability. We are on real tight schedule

Please contact me via community.rstudio.com's private message to start a conversation