Tanya Cashorali is the Founding Partner of TCB Analytics, a Boston-based data consultancy and has over 10 years of R and data analysis experience.



Availability: Willing to travel and also offer remote training options. I’m also available for short and long-term consulting engagements.

Please contact me via's private message or through our website at to start a conversation

Tanya Cashorali is the founder of TCB Analytics, a Boston-based data and analytics consultancy. After graduating from Northeastern University with dual Computer Science and Biology degrees, Tanya started her career in the data-rich field of bioinformatics in the early 2000s. In the next decade, she held data and analytics leadership roles spanning a variety of industries. Tanya’s training programs combine the scientific rigor acquired on the research side of healthcare and pharma with real world commercial applications. She also leads a world-wide community network of 400 data enthusiasts, has helped universities launch data science programs, and is a frequent speaker at tech conferences.