R Admins

This category is for discussions about R in production, at scale, and in complex environments.

RStudio IDE

This category is for discussing the RStudio IDE, both desktop and server versions.


This category is for anything and everything about the tidyverse.


Please ask your questions about shiny here.


Topics that don’t easily fit into an existing category, including general R questions.

R Markdown

Please ask your questions about R Markdown here.


For discussions about teaching.

Package development

This is the place for any questions about package development, particularly (but not exclusively) for any questions about devtools, roxygen2, testthat, and friends.

RStudio Cloud

RStudio Cloud is currently in alpha. We welcome your feedback here.

Machine Learning and Modeling

For discussions related to modeling, machine learning, and deep learning.


Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


This category is for anything and everything related to rstudio::conf.


Hi all, welcome to the events category!

Jobs and Gigs

Jobs and gigs listings.