Changing column attributes in R

I am new to this package and in fact data analysis. At the moment I am trying to complete my Google Data Analysis Capstone. When I try to merge my csv files I receive the following:
class attribute on column 3 of item 4 does not with column 3 of item 1. Upon inspection the conflict appears to arise as one column is col_datetime and the other is col_character. Is there a way for me to change specific columns in R?

df <- data.frame(a=c(1,2,3), b=c(4,5,6), c=c(7,8,9))
df$b <- as.factor(df$b)
df$c <- as.character(df$c)

'data.frame': 3 obs. of 3 variables:
a: num 1 2 3 b: Factor w/ 3 levels "4","5","6": 1 2 3
$ c: chr "7" "8" "9"

Please use dplyr



Object <- rename(muestra, Autos = genero1)

(Autos is the new column name, that replace genero1 column name.)

Second: You may recode:

distinct(Object, Autos)
Object$Autos <- recode(Object$Autos,
Acción = "Audi",
Action = "Audi")

(Where Acción and Action are chenged by “Audi”)


Miguel Angel Bustos

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