Errors in running Deducer on R 3.6.1

I have difficulties in installing deducer and running it on r version 3.6.1

  1. I cannot install deducerExtras package; I get this error (installation of package non-zero exit status)
  2. When I run deducer package I get this message (R Session Aborted - R encountered a fatal error)
    I have installed the latest version of java and "rjava package", but I can't fix these errors.
    I tried a lot but I didn't succeed in solving the priblem.
    I would appreciate your help.

Hi, welcome!
We are going to need some more information to help you, please post the y whole error message you are getting.

About the installation issue, you are missing a package dependency (i.e. irr package), try installing it first


About the problem with deducer, the documentation says

Deducer is designed to be used with the Java based R console JGR, though it supports a number of other R environments (e.g. Windows RGUI and RTerm).

It doesn't seem to be compatible with RStudio, so try to run it on one of the recommended environments.

Note: Please do not use screenshots here, they are not very useful, use formatted code instead

Thank you for your advice