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Based on replies by @mara

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package ‘socviz’ is not available (for R version 3.5.1)
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"primitive function" "names function"
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Subsetting a Data Frame for Further Analysis
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Why does this display one table 150x instead of 150 unique tables?
error in package installation
train, trainControl function not working.
Adding lines to my graph
Add a row to a tibble to sum some, but not all, columns in the tibble
Rowwise mutate ifelse returns row index of desired feature, not the feature itself
Can functions return vectors in the c() format?
Exporting tables to xls or ppt
grouped barplot with error bars
Are there performance problems with having package library on a network drive?
Two Regression Lines in single plot, shaded by year, and points indicating a different location
identifying exact or near duplicate names in a dataset
Problem (possibly) related to tibble printing and pandoc
Cannot install packages: ‘Gmedian’, ‘gsl’, ‘rgdal’
Tried install_github("hfgolino/EGA", dep = TRUE) getting error "Installation failed: SSLRead() return error -9806"
Using a custom function to run dyplr and ggplot commands not rendering the way I want.
support for ipumsr package?
Error performing command r <- stdres - Error in stdres (ols): could not find function "stdres". What do I do?
How to properly convert a POSIXct vector to a date vector
Shiny: Generating downloadable reports with plot of htmlwidget
Disconnect From MYSQL when user exits
Count of observations after group_by()
Error in RMarkdown knit yaml
Janitor: remove_empty() or remove_empty_cols() not appearing
Matching columns and rows
Rendering rmarkdown output from RStudio Connect where original content has permission for "Anyone"
I have problem with Rvest Package: i can not scrap multiple urls at the same time
filter() not working on categorical variable
Error installing packages
TOC or Side Menu in Rpubs
Rstudio v1.1.463 rpubs upload error, no login prompt - RStudio IDE
Size of image in xaringan slides
Counting rows in data frame based on certain criteria of a column
Applying a cols() object to an existing data_frame
Replacing NA's in a dataframe/tibble
lapply function
Audio files in R markdown
Unable to open new project, loading forever.
Is there a way to do a filtered rank that preserves a full data frame?
Error in as.environment(pos) : invalid 'pos' argument
MLP model with Keras and text2vec package
Rstudio server not loading, taking too long to respond in browser
Adding grey shaded area in ggplot2
Http 599 Time Out Error while deployApp() with package mzR
Can I pass parameters to a shiny app via URL?
Hosting bookdown in github
Switch from RStudio Server Pro to RStudio Open Source.
Confidence Interval: getting "NA" as an answer. Why?
How can i access list of list
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Chapter starts with 0.1 (not 1.0) in pdf_book format
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How to shut down daemon started by serve_book(daemon=TRUE)
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Using shiny app's webserver to serve data files for my widget's javascript code?
Launching executable file in R
Run cron job within RStudio
Infinite Recursion Shiny(solved)
Changing color of wellPanel background
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Geom_contour help
Mutate and replace strings to new column
Create Pipeline of Function Calls from List
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Deleted blog post still showing up on blogdown website (in index.html)
pkgdown::build_site() failing in Version 1.2.1049
Problem installing ggplot2 packages
Dataframe Building (Specific Parameters)
R Markdown PDF generator in portable version
Scraping table weirdness with rvest (undesired {xml_nodeset (0)})
Newbie question on installing "bindrcpp" within "dplyr"
Error on JSONIO package update
Pass a variable to dplyr "rename" to change columnname
Cannot type umlaut (äöü) in R Studio on one of two computers with identical R and RStudio
Error when using new project/git
Reactivity Problem: Google Analytcs event tracking clashes with Previous and Next buttons
Dynamic UI: Can't print results from uiOutput created with renderUI
Cannot see the complete plot for all values of variable
Grouping in ggplot2
How to separate title from desc (scraping data IMDB-Coming Soon Movie)
A dataframe question - solved
Simple descriptive statistics
HTML document from rmarkdown including Shiny - section links don't work2
Circle in ggplot2
Shiny modules : reactive values do not update
RStudio console output doubled
Shiny, flexdashboard and databases issue: app only functions once
Making Hugo-Academic Blog post in RStudio
Googledrive resources/how to get modified date
Bug when i open a file .R
Editor-aware shortcut for gluing file paths from the Rproj directory?
Can't get rendered blogdown local website using hugo-academic theme to reflect changes
Problem with using some R packages. Possible problem in the installation of R?
R Graphics: Device 2 (ACTIVE)
Problem with Clustered SE's
Error publishing/deploying Shiny App, worked before, now doesn't
not able to save the pivot table output as csv / excel from ShinyApp using rpivotTable
Shiny-server crashes when called via domain name / port 80
Insert Dataset Error
Error in yaml.load(): argument “error.label” is missing, with no default
Not able to install tidyverse package
Can we used R sutdio/shiny apllications without Spark master in cluster?
Rounding and piping
Can not use shinytest for larger application
Unable to publish R Markdown document to R Pubs
Problem loacting installed packages
Converting dates (Year - Month - Day) to 3 separate columns (Year , Month , Day)
Error Installing arulesViz after 3.5.0 update
Store the result in excel
Data frame not inserted the right value.
Subscript and tilde in ggplot2 axis tick labels?
No shiny examples will run!
Libssl 1.0.0 outdated dependency
Dockerised R - Fail Build on Unit Test Fail
Get Google trends data - problem with output
How to view/edit code of functions in Rstudio
Rmd - not giving erros but also no html output document
Use bookdown to only generate .tex - figures not being generated
Help with tidyverse
Does the Tabulizer package need java to be installed?
Missing three of the four panes
Rmarkdown tab in R studio console
Graph with errobar using percentile function
Error in plot.new -- Error in plot.new() : figure margins too large
GoogleVis scatter plot with Shiny
Dependent SidebarMenus
Define a new column for genre of the movie
Dummy function with conditions and multiple columns
Data Frame Manipulation
Scraping past html comments with rvest
Error in grDevices::png
Cannot deploy my site in Netlify
Add a row depending on a condition using tidyverse if possible
Create Function
Project Template Creates Folders 1 level up
Error emptying the trash in RStudio.cloud
SOLVED: Recode variable from text to numbers
save location does not pops up; directly launches the file
Filtering the data when input is null : dplyr and shiny
Excel shell.Run Rscript in version 3.5.0 is not working, works in 3.2.5
How to Ignore one of the factors in a Column
Trying to calculate a probability (REPREX)
Tidy way to collapse rows when a spread/pivot won't work
How to upgrade a package when using packrat
selectizeInput with choices from data frame
Data Frame: join a groupby with a new column as a new index
Kable() results not displaying inline
Generate a data frame from many xml files
for loop help calculating column based on another
Dplyr package install error
Tidyeval with ggplot() & pmap()
How to reverse color gradient when using geom_sf?
Read.table with no header
What is the %||% operator?
Can't install devtools on windows 10 :-(
Select() function in dplyr package
Problems installing Trelliscopejs
Trying to run a linear model
DPLYR not recognizing a column that is in my dataframe
FAQ: Tips for writing R-related questions
Access to raw application logs in RStudio Connect
Trouble installing package "xlsx"
New Project problem - can't get the dialog box to accept any directory below Documents
Mutate_at() not ignoring NA values with janitor functions
Retrieving stored ARIMA model using REACTIVE function -- Error in as.vector: cannot coerce type 'closure' to vector of type 'character
Date format changes while using levels in R
RStudio crash every time I ran large amount of data fro SQL
Floating table of contents and plots produce extra whitespace at bottom
Retrieve value from client in response to checkbox change
Filtering in Shiny - Error in [: NAs not permitted in row index
Go to a different Page in shiny by Clicking on the link on an image
Revamping string elements
the data points on the graph are not plotted, even though the header of the csv file can be shown, i think somewhere in my code its not able to read the data
Shiny scoping in flexdashboard
Unable to install any packages?
Rvest - first attempt at web scraping - how to deal with multiple pages and missing values
How to create a legend for ggplot
KNN imputation and error messages
How to avoid re-install package when executing/run the code in R-script
Rename 3 files with a different name each
How can I change the default encoding when sourcing?
Tidyr::extract dealing with optional substring
Error parsing manifest: Bundle does not contain manifest file: XLSX
RStudio view Values in the Environment
Insert image into Rmd document / Hugo & Bookdown
Missing square brackets in body of POST request using R's httr package
Problems to install.package(rJava) in MacOs High Sierra 10.13.6
Running ggmosaic with ggplot2
Accessing a data frame produced in a different RenderPlot
Bug? Violin plot removes points
Struggling to create a scatter plot with time span
Error: Aesthetics must be either length 1 or the same as the data (2): fill
Increase the width used by gitbook - Solved
Help: Required package curl not found
Error with Loading Saved Keras Model in Shiny App
Problem deploying shiny app with Keras and CNTK backend to shinyapps.io
Strange locale problems in R after update to Mojave
eval_tidy parse_quo in the parent.frame environment can not get to work
Ggplot2: Add a text legend below a plot
R generates errors while assigning an object
What is the purpose of using Shiny.bindall()?
Changing logo size in radix blog
Issue adding a new user to RStudio Server Community edition
Unable to load car package in R
Document depends on package "gsubfn" but it is not installed
Problem Installation of package
Deploying APP on shinyapps.io which keeps asking for ggplot2
In Rstudio rmarkdown, how to add new html themes from Bootswatch?
The system cannot find the file specified
Options$repos default problem
Is it normal to take long time to rename factors
RODBC returns truncated errors
SQL tanslations for datediff in dbplyr?
Interactivity in ggvis
Failure to import dataset
Could not run gganimation
My plots only show in a separate window. How can I undo this?
ggplot2 package loading and activating issue
Shinytest error (renderUI)
Something wrong with fileDependencies.R(file) when deploying
pdftools to import pdf into R
Issue when creating pdf file while running knit, output file does not exist (knit-HTML is fine)
Formatting issue with inline latex code in learnr/shiny
ggplot with conditions
Equivalent to switch in tidyverse running a list of commands
Problems with y axis - ggplot2
Problem: Can't install.packages("packagename")
Using multiple R variables in SQL chunk
Duplicates created by map_df(~ read_csv...), for which R can only detect a handful
Migrate content of RStudio Connect to a Production server
r-forge issue with DT??
Error in UseMethod("select_")
Rcmdr not available
ggplot choropleth map merging trouble
ggplot2 masking purrr::map automatically
Permutation with two vectors
Packaging of native extensions - vendoring of dependencies
Unable to install rlang
Change default loading of `shiny` to specific `.libPaths()` on ShinyServer
shiny dashboard tab input
wrangling the levels of ordered and unordered factors with mutate_at?
Removing auto hyphenation in .rpres presentations
I can’t install package caret in Rstudio.cloud
ANOVA analysis error
Error: * Application depends on package “glue” but it is not installed
STRING_PTR() can only be applied to a 'character', not a 'list'
"Connections" pane shows weird results when connecting to a server
Tidyverse won't install
RStudio file association doesn't work in Windows 10 Enterprise?
Pairwise alignment error message
Unable to Deploy Shiny App in shinyapps.io - The application failed to start (exited with code 137)
parLapply in nested function
connecting to local mariaDB database
Replace looping with apply in simple Permutation Test code
How do I include html code within R markdown tables?
decision tree using rpart
Dynamic adjust of number of rows
Setting the config file location
Unexpected RStudio (version 1.1.463) crashes on arch linux
Deploy an application to RSC that requires proxy usage for a DB connection
Local data preventing application from loading on shinyapps.io
Twang: Error: unexpected '=' in
How to remove tick labels in a ggplot without affecting the plot size?
Understanding first() and last()