FAQ: What's a reproducible example (`reprex`) and how do I do one?


Why reprex?

Getting unstuck is hard. Your first step here is usually to create a reprex, or reproducible example. The goal of a reprex is to package your code, and information about your problem so that others can run it and feel your pain. Then, hopefully, folks can more easily provide a solution.

What's in a Reproducible Example?

Parts of a reproducible example:

  1. background information - Describe what you are trying to do. What have you already done?
  2. complete set up - include any library() calls and data to reproduce your issue.
    data for a reprex: Here's a discussion on setting up data for a reprex
  3. make it run - include the minimal code required to reproduce your error on the data provided.
    People should be able to copy and paste your code chunk and get the same error.
    How do I format my text so it has nice code chunks?
  4. minimal - strip away everything that is not directly related to your problem. This usually involves creating a much smaller and simpler set of code and data compared to that which created your issue.

Use the reprex-package to Build Your Reproducible Example

When creating a reprex by hand, it’s easy to accidentally miss something that means your code can’t be run on someone else’s computer. Avoid this problem by using the reprex-package.
The reprex package will save effort for you and others who want to help.

Personal and Private Information

Users should not share personal or protected information in topic threads or reprex data.
What if you need to share contact info or an ip, or discuss data for a reprex related to a protected dataset? What if you see a violation of this policy? Check out Personally Identifiable & Protected Information Guide guide and our Privacy Policy

Beginners - Step by Step Help

Help asking R-related questions (not specific to the reprex-package)

Background on the reprex-package


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R version 3.5.0 Beta
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r equivalent of sas put statement
total data is double
need help with Haversine function
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gganimate with lines.
Mixed GLMM Model - Issues with using weights argument
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Mutate_at() not ignoring NA values with janitor functions
How to track each unique customer's purchases over time
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Can R Studio show me which line number in my code was called last when an error occurs?
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Unable to do a group_by
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Data wrangling and line graphs
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Retrieving stored ARIMA model using REACTIVE function -- Error in as.vector: cannot coerce type 'closure' to vector of type 'character
Selecting rows from a data
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Beginners difficulties making graphs
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Create scatterplot with multiple variables
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Query Data from Snowflake Database
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Ignore this, I need to update the question
Convert variables to 1 and 0
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How to add a counter to each group in dplyr
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Error: Columns `x`, `y` must be 1d atomic vectors or lists
Coming up with Example/Dummy Datasets for a REPREX
Error in .cbind.ts(list(...), .makeNamesTs(...), dframe = FALSE, union = TRUE) :
ggplot position dodge with position stack
!self$finished is not TRUE
2 groups - multiple variables
Data.Table method of doing the following:
Subject package
Rshiny throws error after publish the app
Import multiple shapefiles and export a .csv file
Error message popped up
ggplot choropleth map merging trouble
Using n_distinct
K Cluster Method
Ggplots appearing as default R plots
<!DOCTYPE html> in rendered Rmd document
Second order Response Surface
R script issues
Create column for T+0
Equivalent to switch in tidyverse running a list of commands
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I need a script to perform a regression in R
How to create a global attribute that is itself an array
Need to import data from a .csv file. Turn into time series and plot the time series as well as the linear regression
Does Merge work different within a created Function?
KNN imputation and error messages
Result of function into dataframe. R beginner, first post
Stringsasfactors doesn't work!
How may I add the amount of variables (e.g. n=5) of each data.frame on the x-axes to the ggplot?
Does Merge work different within a created Function?
Data frame not inserted the right value.
Ggsave aspect ratio / whitespace (use case: favicon for blogdown)
Separating columns containing descriptive and capture-recapture data
Improve the speed
Forest plot study labeling
Create vector from file names in folder?
RStudio crashes when doing lm
How to merge the two different data frame column with row matching?
Plots crash while exporting as .svg
<simpleError in is(obj, "ore.frame"): could not find function "is">
Filter bigram list from a dataframe
How to make a non-stacked bar plot with one column table?
Get column from table
Error with plotting graphs for regression models
Text concatenation
Problem with using optim
Warning messages: All formats failed to parse. No formats found
R does not find a variable
Error in vinecopula
Trying to create balanced train set with SMOTE
Line of best fit
web scrapping data from webpage and save in data frame
Prepping and importing time series data (for noobs)
Write to CSV, column of string values
R studio: Error in tabular
identifying exact or near duplicate names in a dataset
NAs introduced by coercionError in mutate_impl(.data, dots) : Column `XY` must be length 96 (the number of rows) or one, not 8
I am having trouble loading lm or the regression program onto R
How to change icon position using bsButton
Shiny multiplying graph whem click in textInput
Help with filter and select function
Is there someone who has used bnosac/image YOLO package
Ggplot legend error
I'm having trouble using lm function in my code. How can I debug this?
ActionButton with eventReactive
How to add two sub-columns in one (Concat) using datatable (DT) in R Markdown/Shiny?
Suggestions required
Permutation with two vectors
Writing code to do word counts for a large corpus
Performing GLMM using binomial data
ggplot :Error in as.Date.numeric(value) : 'origin' must be supplied
How to display non-English (Japanese/Chinese) characters/text in Shiny on Windows? (NOT ABLE TO ENCODE)
Merge Two Dataframes
Help with Rcode! (University work)
RStudio Server on Redhat issue with ggplot2 axis charts wrong
Remove dubliertes
R not recognizing first data point
the data points on the graph are not plotted, even though the header of the csv file can be shown, i think somewhere in my code its not able to read the data
I used clean data according a column number range isn't work correct.
the data points on the graph are not plotted, even though the header of the csv file can be shown, i think somewhere in my code its not able to read the data
twitter analysis
R Studio crashing with dplyr joins?
need help for tweet scraping
Evaluation error: Operation not allowed without an active reactive context
Forecasting plot -adding fitting and validation area
Remove values Based on a criteria and re-run average, sd and sem
Compare each element in same column with other set of records
Downloading Data after Filteration
Automatic scale with ggplot
transforming coordinate system
How to include superscripts and subscripts on axis from hist3d plots? plot3D package
Matrix Multiplication
Limiting the range of colours in a featureplot
Pairwise alignment error message
New user- troubleloading my 3d data for analysis
Not understanding the reason for the error and solution to it
Error in missForest command
How to compute the value for factor variables?
R Shiny apps dashboard - making a PDF print
3x3 FActorial Design with Repeated Measures
RStudio 1.2 `NA` show up as 0 in dataframe viewing tab
table in markdown
Linear regression with data from excel
Bookdown not acknowledging (finding) css and tex definitions
Convert values in alternate rows of first n columns to negative
Not understanding the reason for the error and solution to it
Character addition in column rows
Calculating the averages in bins
group_by then mutate not working
Error in UseMethod("predictLink") when trying to fit Lee-Carter using StMoMo
Shiny debugging error with if sentence
why R did not recognise month of "January" in my plot
About creating multi variable bar chart using ggplot
Rstudio crashing when trying to run xgboost model
Reprex FAQs: should we say more about when NOT to use `reprex()`?
problem with time rstudio
PSnonmem and GGPLOT
New to R - need any help that I can get
Graphing time Series
ggsave very slow
gganimate has problem of white space in plot area
any r tutors available here? I need someone to look at my code
numericInput - hint implies only integer values valid
How to combine values within a variable
How to combine values within a variable
How to combine values within a variable
Create a command to compress the space in the description
Linear Mixed Model
Relevel function in R for GLM
confusion matrix - predict function
shiny plot based on window size
Missing interaction effect in 2-way anova result
How can i access list of list
LateX equations not porting with includeMarkdown
Problems with knitting to PDF
Need serious help - inherited an R script and I don't program or do this for a living
Common Error "all arguments must have the same length"
Stack Area Chart creating Holes/Gaps
Hadley on reproducible examples: add to reprex FAQ?
Willingness to pay by gender
Rstudio and Linux Ubuntu18.04
Willingness to pay by gender
analysis help--choosing method of analysis
Bug of the plot generated by R code
superimposed geom_* with ggplot2
Violin plot: binary data
How to substring value from row in r
str_replace applying to more than one column with mutate_at
recode characters to values (clueless warning)
Specifying plotting settings plot(ACF(data))
add a legend to a ggplot2 plot
Error message: 'names' attribute must be the same length as the vector
Assign range of dates for each unique row in the dataframe.
Forecasting data of export Wh-with irregularly spaced time series
Knit as pdf not work
Interactivity in ggvis
Edx course problem - creating new column, applying function
Edx course problem - creating new column, applying function
Error when trying to use corrplot
Help with: Error in seq.default(1, nchr, by = ncycle) : invalid '(to - from)/by'
R-Studio - Error in `contrasts<-`(`*tmp*`, value = contr.funs[1 + isOF[nn]]) : contrasts can be applied only to factors with 2 or more levels
R Studio Package Installation Not Recognized (SOLVED--THANKS)
[ solved ] RStudio IDE Viewer is not rendering the styled HTML output from ztable package
Date format conversion
RStudio - loop command for series of images and export without overwriting
Confidence Interval: getting "NA" as an answer. Why?
Problem with Variable?
invalid multibyte character
Smacof unfolding - package onboarding suggestions
failed to Biological Id Translator
Using list columns in data.table
how to save internal output in R studio?
What does nnet minimise
What does nnet minimise
Regarding glm.nb and the theta parametre.
Query related to R language to find percentage
Creating a time serie - help I am a beginner :) -
How to fit large amounts of data into Flexdashboard
How to replace x- axis values (log scale) with their respective untransformed linear values in base R histogram
Error in as.environment(pos) : invalid 'pos' argument
Restart Rstudio in order to have my code working
Making aggregated rate per 100 000
Extract time then save into a new dataframe
ggplot with reactive data input question
Help for graphical representation
Regarding Multiple Bar diagram
R Markdown is not knitting tables
Hybridizing "Basic DataTable" and Data Explorer in "SuperZip example"
OR operation on similar row items
OR operation on similar row items
How to plot categorical data in R?
R-Beginner: How to seperate to groups
Filter out empty elements from list col
google route optimizer
Saving factor scores from factor analysis
Develop web application using Gapminder(total population dataset)
You can help me! I have to Open a .RAR file
Janitor: remove_empty() or remove_empty_cols() not appearing
R presentation section headers look way fatter and more bold when viewed in browser vs. preview
Error in RMarkdown knit yaml
Problem with Linear mixed Model in Split-plot design
R Studio Mac axis not showing label
Knit to PDF only opens preview the first time
joining or merging two datasets
Error in creating recession bar with tis package
Help with a strange Error messsage
Change color text axis in barplot
Why am I getting the same output even if I use different input images?
How to subtract dates using dbplyr
Joining datasets using foverlaps
color the y axis variables with different colors
R crosstab with thousands delimiter
Creating server for Web applications
Barplot not in scale
Cannot get scatter plot right
what package do I have to download to get a Quantile-Quantile graph?
Student, looking for help with rStudio and the acs package.
Creating persistent data from within an R Markdown code chunk
Saving clean data into new data frame
Half year periods based on date
Cannot download plotly charts into png format or svg format.
Exporting tables to xls or ppt
Work with multiple .osm files [Open Street Map]
Is "create a reprex" becoming a bit too stackoverflow-esque?
Restructure data frame through aggregation
How to groupby values in R for the same value?
Two Regression Lines in single plot, shaded by year, and points indicating a different location
How to obtain individual slope coefficients for a growth curve model
how can I summarize survey answers from a data table in R shiny?
POSIXct Problem
Unable to run current chunk of code - RStudio
how to make a graph with a list class variable?
Ggplot label - advanced background
Bayes Decision Boundary
Savewidget to default browser location not working directory
Bayes Decision Boundary
Stacked bar chart with continuous Y variables
Help with Function()
Column that is a list
What is the difference of occurrence and density for different types with in 4 different populations
Cannnot Knit R Markdown
Correlation problems in Rstudio
time series modelling
How to plot several categorical variables in r
using sqldf to join two data frame but result is converting from Int to Logical
How to plot several categorical variables in r
im looking for two codes
How to run a mult. Linear regression in R, after importing the data.
How to extract factors names from anova function
Conversion csv into time series ts R Studio
pa package in R - performance attribution
Problem finding missingness (wrangling data) using tidyverse. Getting Evaluation error.
box plots are overlapping in ggplot2
Adding a Legend to an Existing ggplot
graph issues with overlapping boundary
Remove the axis.y.text
Legend from continue to discrete values
Markov function error
File Upload issue on chrome and firefox
random generation any easier code
Error in auk_filter
Error in using HCLUST
Isolating database query
Knitting bash code
deleting null rows from specific columns
Error in opening file saved under Mac OS X El Capitan
Error in contrasts<-(*tmp*, value = contr.funs[1 + isOF[nn]]) : contrasts can be applied only to factors with 2 or more levels
Static tabsetpanel
Rmarkdown chart displays in editor but when knit misses labels from ggrepel
Plot image() like an example in Python
Error with geom_sf()
how to convert a data matrix into an array
return function
Change node colours
Double X axis on R studio ?
Using dummy variables for categorical data
String Splitting for file path (for entire data set) with one column not a single path given by the user
Can a mean line graph be plotted along with boxplot using highcharter.
ggsurvplot() error
2D plot from a matrix
Blogdown and Streamgraph
Outliers in Box Plots.
Find the difference between date vectors in months
Categorical data
Help needed! Aggregated counts in R
multiline functions that I can then plot
Both t.test ; why different p-values??t.test()&ggboxplot()
Calculating the hours minute secs and millseconds for few groups - Error on conversion
R studio can't find object
Add label to the Top or center of column chart
Need to convert the Multiple Data frames with Array to single data frame
Double loop to create a dataframe
Linear Regression
Error in gbm.fit
Implementation of Decision Tree in R
arguments imply differing number of rows in Data Frame Error
Error: Evaluation error: no applicable method
an error shows everytime
How to insert a new column in a forest plot - meta-analysis?
ggplot2 error message for Hidden Markov Models
ggplot : Beginner question about string data.
Have a warning or prompt before closing the Rmarkdown
Removing NA values from a specific column and row
PCA plot mean point
str_replace_all problem
How to change Pearson to Spearman rank correlation
Create a percentage stacked bar chart
Help on - Loop - argument is of length zero
Help on - Loop - argument is of length zero
RMarkdown knit fail when works in editor
Animation Slider Date Order
Why am I receiving a map_lgl error using dplyr for filtering my data?
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Thanks, Miles, this is great!

A few more resources to add:

Not reprex-specific, but helpful for asking R-related questions


Community Sustainer (Moderator) Guide
Reprex vs. reprex-package discussions
Reprex vs. reprex-package discussions
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Box plots aren't displaying correctly

For sharing simple data.frames (those containing only basic types, no dates, no factors, and no row names) I suggest using wrapr::draw_frame() to build sharable examples.

For example suppose our example was the following data.

d <- head(ggplot2::diamonds) 

wrapr::draw_frame can share this data in a very legible form:


This outputs the following (older versions of wrapr do not add the "::" qualifier).

   "carat", "cut"      , "color", "clarity", "depth", "table", "price", "x" , "y" , "z"  |
   0.23   , "Ideal"    , "E"    , "SI2"    , 61.5   , 55     , 326L   , 3.95, 3.98, 2.43 |
   0.21   , "Premium"  , "E"    , "SI1"    , 59.8   , 61     , 326L   , 3.89, 3.84, 2.31 |
   0.23   , "Good"     , "E"    , "VS1"    , 56.9   , 65     , 327L   , 4.05, 4.07, 2.31 |
   0.29   , "Premium"  , "I"    , "VS2"    , 62.4   , 58     , 334L   , 4.2 , 4.23, 2.63 |
   0.31   , "Good"     , "J"    , "SI2"    , 63.3   , 58     , 335L   , 4.34, 4.35, 2.75 |
   0.24   , "Very Good", "J"    , "VVS2"   , 62.8   , 57     , 336L   , 3.94, 3.96, 2.48 )

The point is, with the wrapr package loaded the above output is actually executable code that produces the same data.frame. One can then copy and paste the above code to start a fresh example from this data (and not need to include steps that took one to this point).

(Was asked to post this to this thread here.)


Error: cannot allocate vector of size 12.4 Gb

It is now out (and yes, it is great!)

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