From Vines to Wines : the most exceptional wines from all over the world - Table Contest Submission

From Vines to Wines : the most exceptional wines from all over the world

Authors: Abdoul ISSA BIDA

Abstract: This table is an immersion among the most prestigious wines in the world from the most famous vineyards and exceptional vintages.

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Data from Vivino (which is one of the most important online wine sales markets) is scraped with a code mixing Python and R taking advantage of both languages and benefiting
from the power that reticulate package offers to use multiple languages in a single R Markdown.
Table contains various information about the wine in particular :

  • its name (ex: Chablis)
  • its style (ex: Burgundy M√Ęconnais White)
  • its viticultural domain (ex: Domaine Passy le Clou)
  • its grapes varieties (ex: 100 % Chardonnay)
  • its region (ex: France/Bourgogne/Chablis)
  • its alcohol content (ex: 14 %)
  • its allergens (ex: sulphite)
  • its food pairings (ex: Game, Fatty fish(Tuna, Salmon ...etc))
  • its price
  • its rating
  • its number of reviews
  • its page link (I won't use it)
  • its bottle image link

Combos have been defined between several columns for the purposes of the final table.
A more complete description is available on the github page of the project.

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