How to create lope to use same code for analyzing data from multiple files and store result in one variable ?

Dear All,

I have created code to analyse the data of one file and I have three results from this analysis of data.

I want to now create lope to use same code to analyse data from multiple files and store the results of multiple files in one variable. I would like to differentiate results of each file based on file name.

Could someone help me with this.

My present code -

> library(stringr)
> library(readr)
> myFile = readLines(file.choose())
> myResult = list() 
> #Find the position of the variables that are between [] 
> #We add the last line number as a position as well
> vars = c(which(str_detect(myFile, "^\\[.*\\]\\s*$") == T), length(myFile))
> #get the content for each variable 
> for(i in 1:(length(vars)-1)){
+   myData = myFile[vars[i]:(vars[i+1]-1)]
+ #remove lines that are comments or blank
+ #if content is a list of variables, create them as a list
+ if(str_detect(myData[2],"=")){
+   content = str_split(myData[-1],"=")
+   result = lapply(lapply(content,"[",2), parse_guess)
+   names(result) = sapply(content,"[",1)
+ } else{
+   #if the content just a vector of data, extract it
+   result = parse_guess(myData[-1])
+ }
+ #create the variable as a list item and assign the content 
+ myResult[[str_remove_all(myData[1], "\\[\\]")]]=result
+ }
> myFile = myResult$`[specdata0]`
> n=round((myResult$`[specchannel0]`$fRPMmean*4/myResult$`[specchannel0]`$dF)) 
#number of data points to be considered from complete set
> myFile=myFile[1:n]  #required number of data for analysis 
> myFile = as.numeric(myFile)  
> l=round(n/4)  # number of data per group
> #defining each group 
> myFile1=myFile[1:l] 
> myFile2=myFile[(l+1):(2*l)]
> myFile3=myFile[(2*l+1):(3*l)]
> myFile4=myFile[(3*l+1):n]
> #all predictor calulations 
> mean1 = mean(myFile1)
> mean2 = mean(myFile2)
> mean3 = mean(myFile3)
> mean4 = mean(myFile4)
> Mean <- data.frame(mean1,mean2,mean3,mean4)
> Var1 = var(myFile1)
> Var2 = var(myFile2)
> Var3 = var(myFile3)
> Var4 = var(myFile4)
> Var <- data.frame(Var1,Var2,Var3,Var4)
> StandDiv1 = sd(myFile1)
> StandDiv2 = sd(myFile2)
> StandDiv3 = sd(myFile3)
> StandDiv4 = sd(myFile4)
> StandDiv <- data.frame(StandDiv1,StandDiv2,StandDiv3,StandDiv4)
> R <- data.frame(Mean,Var,StandDiv) #This has all results 

Thank You

This code is for one file and so far I saved results in variable called "R" but I would like to store results using name of file and want to continue same for rest files.

Hi, welcome!

Could you turn this into a minimal REPRoducible EXample (reprex)? A reprex makes it much easier for others to understand your issue and figure out how to help.

If you've never heard of a reprex before, you might want to start by reading this FAQ:

You mean I should create example code using standard data set from R.

I mean that you should provide a proper reproducible example, including sample data of some sort that allow us to run your code and reproduce the problem.
Please read the guide for more details about this.

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