I am unable to create a regression line using ggplot2

`#installed the package
#Task1: finding how rating varies in Amazon vs Non-Amazon products
task1 <- research_task %>%
group_by(amazon,date) %>%
summarise(q1= mean(rating))

ploted <- qplot(task1$date,task1$q1, color= task1$amazon)
ploted + ggtitle("Trend Amazon vs Non-Amazon") +
  xlab("Date") + ylab(" Average Rating")+  geom_smooth(method="lm") +


As you can see the scatter plot is fine however I am unable to draw a regression line? Any solutions?
The error shown is this geom_smooth() using formula 'y ~ x'

That is not an error message, just an informative message. To help us help you, could you please prepare a reproducible example (reprex) illustrating your issue? Please have a look at this guide, to see how to create one:

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