I do not see the add button to add a theme or a font

[1] "R version 3.5.1 (2018-07-02)"

What to do?
I'm interested in installing a theme according to
How to Customize your RStudio Theme (Finally)

I'm also very excited when saw I that thread. But if you read the blog post, you'll realized that the feature was on RStudio 1.2.xxx Preview.

If you download the RStudio Preview 1.2.xxx, you can do it too.

Have you check your RStudio version?.

Run the Rstudio in the:

[1] ‘1.1.463’

Gracias for the correction

RStudio v1.2.1194-1 Preview

This version is only available for Win x64?
I ran the installation and I receive the following alert:


How could I install new themes and fonts in this version:?

You can't do so in the manner described in the blog post. That's a new feature added in the 1.2 version. There is a post by Tobias Krabel (below) that describes a workaround that might apply:

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