installing problem with RStudio

I have R installed but when I go to download/install rstudio an error comes up “can’t install software because its not currently available from the software update server”

Can you please advise me on what to do as I am using this for college. I have reinstalled many times and I have also added studio to my files and folders in security settings.

Your help is much appreciated,


Exactly what are you doing when this error occurs? From where are you downloading RStudio?

You can download it here

That’s where I’m downloading it from but the error keeps occurring when I go to install it.

This might be related to other recent forum posts about installing Git tools? Is this Mac or Windows? Has the installer started installing RStudio, and then you get an error after it asks if you want to use Git?

Yes that’s exactly what’s happening I’m getting an error about git tools and it is telling me to install then saying it’s not available for my software server so it never installs. Yes I am a mac user.

See here for a workaround. You can't install the software because it's not available on the software update server
This is a temporary solution until Apple can release a fixed version of XCode that has the command line tools.

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