Interactive Sparklines with {reactablefmtr} - Table Contest Submission

Sparklines with {reactablefmtr}

Authors: Kyle Cuilla

Abstract: I created the {reactablefmtr} package to simplify the process of creating interactive tables with {reactable}. Recently, I integrated the {dataui} package into the suite to allow users to easily create interactive sparklines and provided a number of customization options. I wrote a tutorial on how to use these features with data provided by the {palmerpenguins} package.

Full Description: Example #1: react_sparkline() with the filled area shown:

Example #2: react_sparkbar() with the innerquartiles and mean lines applied. The cursor was left over the first row (point 185) to show the interactive tooltip:

Example #3: react_sparkline() with the innerquartiles and mean lines applied as well as call-outs for the min and max data point for each series. The cursor was left over the third line (point 199) to show the interactive tooltip matches the color of the line the user hovers over:

Table Type: interactive-HTML
Submission Type: Tutorial
Table: Getting Started with Sparklines • reactablefmtr
RStudio Cloud:
DT package used: false
gt package used: false
reactable package used: true
flextable package used: false
huxtable package used: false
kableExtra package used: false
Other packages: reactablefmtr, dataui