Leaflet and OpenStreetMap rate limits?

I am trying to visualize spatial data using Leaflet. As I understand, this works via the OpenStreetMap API.

The data I have contains over 20k addresses.

I searched the Leaflet documentation but could not find an answer to the following question:

Is there any rate limit in terms of haw many addresses can be geocoded or plotted? (referring to OpenStreetMaps)? If so, what are the rate limits and how would you deal with the issue?

Many thanks in advance.

if you want to plot a very large data set, I suggest you consider deckgl package, which is powered by Uber since 2015.




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Hi Harry

Thank you very much for the hint. Looks very nice.

Any experiences with rate limits when geocoding in deckgl?

Thanks in advance

deckgl is not that kind of tools for geocoding, it is only for viz like leaflet.
if you're seeking geocoding function, ggmap(Worldwide) or REmap(China) package is what you need.


Thanks for the hint.

To answer my original question I found that OpenStreetMap provides an API that can be accessed using jsonlite package in R and with which it is possible to geocode addresses.

The rate limit is 1 request per second.

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