Need Urgent Help In Easy Pubmed

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to get query of all pubmed papers in a particular field and it shows me total 3558 papers. However, will accessing ID and name of authors it shows me an error and doesn't output any response. Following are the codes I using for it: Any help will be truly appreciated.


qr1 <- get_pubmed_ids("gastro[TI] AND 2000[PDAT] : 2021[PDAT")

btch1 <- fetch_pubmed_data(pubmed_id_list = qr1, retstart = 0, retmax = 3583)
btch1 <- table_articles_byAuth(btch1, included_authors = 'last', max_chars = 0)
btch1[, c("pmid", "lastname", "firstname")]

btch4 <- fetch_pubmed_data(pubmed_id_list = qr1, retstart = 3583)
btch4 <- table_articles_byAuth(btch4, included_authors = 'last', max_chars = 0)
btch4[, c("pmid", "lastname", "firstname")]

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