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I'm running R in a locked-down environment (LSAF 5.3 by SAS Institute). I've found when creating PDF output that additional LaTeX packages need to be installed from time to time. That's not a problem on my local machine but for LSAF, I need to submit a special request and have an administrator do the install. So my question is, can someone recommend a general package or a set of packages that will be needed by rmarkdown? LSAF runs under Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.6.

TinyTeX binaries come with pre installed set of package.

You could use those directly, or they could serve as a way to know which packages we include in those binaries.

Those files are maintain by testing that different default output formats will work.

So in short, you'll have a good list already with those 2

Hope it helps

Thanks for the help! An additional problem is that there's no internet access on LSAF. I found a partial solution by downloading "" and running

tinytex:::install_prebuilt(pkg={path to TinyTeX.tar.gz})

That installs to my Workspace and allows me to create PDFs there. It also installs a /.TinyTeX folder in my home directory.

The next thing I'd like to do is install tinytex_prebuilt in a common area where all users have access. I have access to such a common area but not to the system files themselves. I assume a /.TinyTeX folder would be created there but what further steps would be necessary to make that available to a general user? Should I create an environment variable in R or add the path to /.TinyTeX to the path environment variable?

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Whoops! The new questions were all addressed in Frequently (?) Asked Questions - Yihui Xie | 谢益辉. Point 9 showed the way forward: Use copy_tinytex() to copy a TinyTex installation to the common area. use_tinytex() produced an error but also suggested adding options(tinytex.tlmgr.path = '[installed_location]/.TinyTeX/bin/x86_64-linux/tlmgr') to programs, which works just fine.

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