About R studio for windows 7

i have installed R 3.6 and R studio
but i cant install any packages even i cant import the excel file,
error occurs that file is not available for r version 3.6,
when i tried with some other version, same error appears
how to rectify it

Can you please tell us the exact command you are running, and the exact error message?

i have tried to import excel file from import dataset - excel
but error occurs as follows
readxl 0.1.0 is not available
Rccp0.11.5 is not available
Check that getOption("repos") refers to a CRAN repository that contains the needed package versions.

OK, I'm guessing here that you're using the RStudio interface, not actually writing code.

Those messages mean you need to install the packages first:

install.packages(c("readxl", "Rcpp"))

again the same kind of error sir,

It seems like R is not being able to connect to the CRAN repository, is your internet connection behind a proxy server or firewall? That is usually the case when you are at work or school or you are facing traffic restrictions of some kind.

Another thing to try is to disable the secure download method option.

yes now its working, thank you sir,

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