Accessing a file from a temporary directory

Hello Everyone, I'm trying to access a file in the temporary directory of my R project. The path looks like "project\tmp\file_store\6f3836d3fb5929e0d8d5dacad653\processing\Output Files" and the file I'm trying to access is named "table.csv". Since the name of temporary directory changes in every session and path and file name remain the same, I want to access the "table.csv" file directly by giving the path up until the "project\tmp\file_store" only. Is there a way to do it? Right now I'm using fs::dir_ls() for listing all files and then I give the index of the file, which is just a temporary workaround.
I want to know, how to move forward on this?
Thanks in advance and I appreciate you taking time to read it, pls comment if any extra information is required for solving it?

Wouldn't it be easier for you to use tempdir() ?

Thanks for your answer, I had tried tempdir() . Unfortunately, it didn't work for me. Though, I have found a workaround for the issue.

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