Accessing COM Objects/Server with R

I'd like to make use of a proprietary data format that my company has for one of our products. The developers have created a COM server (not 100% sure of terminology here) to read the files, with the primary goal of making it easy for people to get data into Excel/Access/VBA or orchestrating with .Net. I'd like to create an R package to convert the data into dataframes into R.

Having done a little googling, it looks like there are several packages to address this (e.g., RCOMClient, RCOM) but these don't appear to be under active development and aren't available on CRAN for my current R version (3.4.3). I also attempted to build RCOMClient from source but ran into some issues.

So I thought before I dug into why RCOMClient isn't compiling I'd ask if anyone on this board has tackled a similar problem and if there were any recommendations/lessons learned on how to do it.

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