Accessing Rstudio Connect over custom URL

Hi all,

So I want to use Rstudio Connect over an URL like and I've added the same in the config file as below:

Address =

RSC is accessible on the Server's hostname, but it still not accessible over
I've added the A record to point to the Servers IP.

Can someone point out if I'm missing something?

Howdy @abhi04d !!

This is a fantastic question. When you think about how network traffic travels, you will have a couple of pieces to iron out issues on:

  • User's browser types DNS name
  • DNS name resolves to an IP address
  • IP address is accessible to the user
  • User visits a particular port on the server (http = 80, https = 443, RSC default = 3939, etc.)
  • Port is accessible to the user (firewall, etc.)
  • Traffic reaches the Connect server and RStudio Connect responds

My suspicion off-hand is that the DNS name is having trouble or you need to visit the 3939 port (by default). That port can be changed via the Http section of the configuration, etc.

For testing from a command line (where you can get a bit more diagnostics), I would use things like:

nc -vz 80
nc -vz 443
nc -vz 3939
nc -vz 3939

curl -i

If firewalls or proxies are blocking your traffic, oftentimes you will end up with a timeout from the user connecting to the service.

I hope that helps!! If you continue to have issues here, definitely reach out to our support team at! We are happy to help you get Connect up and running in your environment!