AddWeekpartHour function

Hi. Does someone know about the AddWeekpartHour function? I am working on a script to detect outliers in air quality data, but I can't run the first line with this function and I haven't found anything related to this function.


I am not familiar with this function so cannot be of much help. Did you find it in a particular package? If so, did you install and load that package?

If not, is this from code that someone shared with you? In that case, they probably defined the AddWeekpartHour( ) function somewhere earlier in that code.

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Thanks for your response. Yes, someone shared with me this code. Actually, they mentioned this function twice in the script, but this is the first line where it appears. The other line is this one.

And related to the packages, they just instal the packages 'msm', and they use the libraries msm, fitdistrplus, logspline, extrafont, lubridate, extrafontdb, and Rttf2pt1.

They may have defined the function in another R Script. I think you need to contact the author.

Good luck!

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