After changing category, elements of page disappear, or full page is hidden temporality.

Andres pointed out that he's seen an issue with the forum recently, where when he updates a topic's category, parts of the page, or the full page, disappears temporarily.

I am curious if you have experienced the issue? I'm looking for a pattern to diagnose the problem, as I haven't been able to replicate it myself yet.

I'm having issues where sometimes when I change a topic's category, the topic disappears (at least for me)...

[When] I just changed this topics category, for example from #r-markdown to #general

After confirming the change

  1. The original topic immediately disappears but the answers are still visible.

  2. Then if I reload the page I get the error

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

The weird thing is that sometimes they reaper later with another comment or edit so it seems as they disappear just for me, maybe an issue with replication and load balancing that affects only the server I'm been served from?. For example, the link from my first message is now visible to me again.

This is seen by him on both mobile and desktop.

Is the content being served locally or remotely?

If you mean if I'm using a proxy server for caching the forum's content then the answer is no. Is that what you mean?

I meant “is there latency between the edit save event and the required rendering by the server? Such as caching.

This happens sporadically, not with all edits and with no apparent pattern, also, the link (topic) remains unaccessible for me for several hours so I don't think this is a rendering issue, after all, it's just text pulled from a database. I suspect this is an out of sync event between the server I'm being served from and the main database, some replication schemas only allow for writing into the master node and replicas have to catch up with the master node.

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That would be consistent with @EconomiCurtis’ difficulty in replicating. Could be tested, I guess, with a single system with a local test data base to eliminate any remote db synch or lock conditions.

Now it happens with content edits too, I edited the content of this post to add code formatting so I could read the console output easily and then it disappeared.

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Fixed 4 hours later, if that’s of interest. I don’t know… does opening for edit create a lick somewhere?

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I have a new variant of this issue, I was looking at this post, I haven't edited anything at all, and it suddenly desapered and I can't see it anymore.

Hello, in this case it seems that the original poster removed/deleted their post

That might have trigger the problem but I should have been able to see this screen and not the one I posted before

This is the first time I get this system message when a topic desappears for me, apparently this is caused by a false positive with the spam detection.

But why an answer from me would trigger a spam flag? I think there is something wrong with the automated filter.