After R/Rstudio upgrade and the forecast package upgrade auto.arima not working as expected

Hi All,

I upgraded the R/Rstudio (R version 3.6.3) and forecast package version 8.15 in the linux server.
Post upgrade the auto.arima function from the forecast package is giving strange results.

I run it like follows:

The forecast variable above should be a list of 10 elements one of which is the 'mean' which is the future prediction.
But I am getting a list of just 2 elements with no 'mean' element.

Has anyone faced this before.Any help would be much appreciated.

A reprex would be helpful.

What versions of R and {forecast} were you using before? What version of R are you using now? I am using R 4.1 and {forecast} 8.15 on MacOS Big Sur.

Which two elements did you get? I got a list of all 10, and it prints "Point Forecast", "Lo 80", "Hi 80", "Lo 95" and "Hi 95".

I have completely transitioned from {forecast} to the tidyverts set of packages ({fable}, {fabletools}, {feasts}, ...) and have not followed any changes to {forecast} so cannot be of too much help.

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Hi All

I understand why the forecast function was not behaving as expected.The forecast function of the greybox package was masking the forecast function of the forecast package.

Thanks !

Thanks for the response!

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