After Rstudio v1.1 install, my prev .Rprofile settings vanished



Rstudio 1.1 is great. :grinning:
(black theme a savior for my failing eyesight...thanks!).

After Rstudio 1.1 install.
all my prev. installed PKGs were there.
Fine!. prev. customized .Rprofile file
was not there. File vanished....
(It normally shows in my Rstudio Source Panel
on each startup...)

the install of Rstudio 1.1.383
"picked up" my previous pkgs
but it ignored my prev. Rprofile,
which was always present in my home dir.

Shouldn't the Rstudio install
have sensed there was a prev. Rprofile
and picked it up?.

Ubuntu Linux 14.04 -32bit
R 3.4.2 (latest).
Rstudio 1.1.383