After updating to RStudio 1.2.1009 preview, Markdown produces error "unexpected end of input"


Following the update (on Windows 10), attempting to run any Markdown script fails immediately with:

Error: unexpected end of input
Execution halted

For example, start a new R Markdown file and just accept the default example script it generates (I chose Word output|). Run this script without any changes and I get the error.

In the console I see:

unable to open file 'C:/Users/Stuart/AppData/Local/RStudio-Desktop/notebooks/7CF3D93D-test_word/1/s/c2fk33oaayies_t' for writing opening device failed
Error in (function (filename = "Rplot%03d.png", width = 480, height = 480, :
unable to start png() device

If I check through File Explorer, the directory C:/Users/Stuart/AppData/Local/RStudio-Desktop/notebooks/7CF3D93D-test_word/1/s/c2fk33oaayies is there, but the folder name does not have the trailing "_t" from the temporary file name in the error message. Hence it seems to be trying to create this temporary file in a non-existent folder and is, not surprisingly, failing.

Is this a new bug in this preview release of RStudio?


To add to this:

I just upgraded to v1.2.1009 today and a Rmarkdown file that I was able to render fine yesterday throws this same error message, Error: unexpected end of input\nExecution halted. This happens no matter what the output header parameter is set to.

Reverting back to the latest stable release for now.

Update: After reverting to v1.1.456, all Rmarkdown files now properly render. Something's definitely up with v1.2.


This was reported and confirmed as an issue, and it looks like it has now been quickly fixed in the latest preview release:


Thanks for the update.