Analysing health equity with R

I am looking for resources to conduct health equity analysis using R. I am specifically interested in tools to calculate concentration index, concentration curves and to do decomposition according to needs and demographic variables. I have found some related packages for R such as ´decomp´, IC2, rineq and ineq, but they all seem to be dated or no longer maintained. The majority of published studies seem to be using the STATA program conindex or STATA code, but surely there must be some experts out there doing such analysis using R?

I would be very thankful for any suggestions or resources that you may have to share!

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If this were my area, I would not discount IC2 which had its last update check this year if the reference methods cited have continued acceptance. It doesn't require compilation and it has only a reverse dependency, on convoy published this year.

Both of those packages are in the official statistics taskview of survey techniques, which may point to other resources. Also see for an R tuned Google search.

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