ANOVA or Kruskall Wallace Test?

I am looking at 3 groups of data and not sure whether to use an ANOVA or Kruskall Wallace Test to compare them. 2 sets of the data have normal distribution according to the Shapiro-Wilks test and one is just significantly skewed at P=0.04. Does this mean that I need to use Kruskall Wallace when examining this one group, using it for all 3 groups, or is the skew so slight that I can just use ANOVA? Also, if I use the Kruskall Wallace is a Tukey post-hoc test still appropriate to use. Not sure what to do! Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

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How are the variances? Can we assume homoscedasticity? That is because KW also needs equal shapes, or at least to comparable level.

If you use Kruskal Wallis, I don't think Tukey is appropriate. A non parametric test should be used. I'd have suggested Wilcoxon, but as per Google and Stack Overflow, Dunn Test is the most standard post hoc after Kruskal. I actually haven't used this test myself, so can't say much.

Fab thank you! Dunn Test was what I needed to do just needed to be pointed in the right direction.

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